3 Yoga Poses for Sciatica Pain Relief

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You know exactly what this means if you are one of the 40% of people who suffer from it. Keep doing what you are doing if not. It’s a real pain in the tush (and sometimes even back!). My friends.

You’re in the right place if you suffer from this pain. Yoga can help with it if you follow the right instructions and receive medical attention.

What is it?

The sciatic nerve runs from the lower back down to your legs, passing through your hips, bum, and thighs. It’s actually the longest nerve you have. Sciatica refers to pain along the sciatic nerve.

A persistent pain along the side of the leg, hip, or bum characterizes sciatica. Some people complain of lower back pain, pain in the thigh, or at the junction of the hamstring and the bum. Sciatica can be described as a sharp, shooting pain or numbness with needles.

Why does it hurt so much?

A number of conditions can cause sciatica but is most commonly caused by nerve compression in your lower back. According to Dr. Stephen H. Hochschuler, MD, the location and intensity of pain in sciatica depends on which nerves are compressed.

A herniated disk can irritate the nerve roots, which exit the spine and form the sciatic. These nerve roots are extremely sensitive. When this occurs, Dr. Hochschuler states that pain can radiate to the back and rear of the thigh or calf. It can sometimes go down to the feet, causing numbness or tingling and burning or prickling. Click here to read more about what the doctor has to say.

It’s crucial to get a correct diagnosis because there are so many causes. This will help you find the best treatment.

Please note: the wrong exercise may make your condition worse. A “one-size fits all” healing approach will not work.

Yoga can help you!

Yoga can be used to relieve symptoms as well as prevent them. In my opinion, prevention is better than cure.

Many professionals believe that yoga is the best option for treating sciatica and, as previously mentioned, preventing it. Check with your doctor or physiotherapist before trying the suggested exercises.

Listen to the messages your body is sending you. Move slowly, as they are subtle. Stop if you feel pain or resistance.

Bridge Pose

The bridge will strengthen your lower back. This pose also strengthens your inner thighs and lengthens your hip flexors.

Focus on your inner thighs when activating this movement. Place a block in between your thighs to do this. Then, squeeze the block between your inner thighs and press into the big toe’s knuckle. You can remove the block as you improve and manage your pain.

Hold for three to five breaths and repeat three times. Hold for 3 to 5 breaths and repeat three times.

Eagle Pose

Eagle can help with sciatica. It is a great all-over joint opener. To sit up straight, try to widen your upper back and bring your elbows into line with your shoulders. Sit deeper into your leg, and shine your collarbones towards the front.

It can be tricky to tie the crossed leg to the ankle of the leg that is standing. Instead, cross the leg by pressing the pinky or knife edge of the crossed foot into the side of your standing calf.

Pyramid Pose

A committed hamstring stretch can be very beneficial for many sciatica patients (not all, depending on the cause of your sciatica). A tight hamstring can cause lower back pain and aggravate sciatica.

As a result, you can now move into Pyramid (and any other hamstring stretch!) Be mindful and careful. It might not be therapeutic for you!

Take a step backward of about two feet with the leg that is not in pain. The back toes should be pointed toward the front corner (same side) of the mat. This will help you square your hips. With a flat back, hinge at the hips until your shoulders and hips are aligned. Keep your back flat, and either extend the arms toward the ground or rest them between two blocks on either side of the extended foot.

Repeat the same motion on the opposite side.

What are your favorite poses to relieve sciatica? Please share your favorite yoga poses with us!

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