5 Things You Should Not Do in a Yoga class

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Yoga class should be a sacred place where you feel comfortable and secure. It’s a place where you come to learn and to develop, where you can be yourself without being judged.

It should be a refuge from daily life, free of all the inconveniences that we might have to deal with outside the classroom.

Sexual advances from the teacher

You attend a yoga class in order to learn yoga, relax, find peace, and surrender. Relationships with yoga teachers should remain neutral and professional. You should be able to refuse to be adjusted if that is what you want or if the teacher does not make you feel comfortable.

If you feel uncomfortable in this area, it can be difficult to speak up. However, you should still speak up! If confronting the teacher is too difficult, you can always call the studio.

Refusal to participate in a class because of appearance

It would be best if you were able to practice wherever you like, regardless of how you look.

As a complete beginner to yoga, you shouldn’t attend a class that is meant for more advanced practitioners. Discrimination based on looks is not acceptable in a yoga studio.

Singled out in a bad light

No matter your experience or appearance, you shouldn’t feel singled out at school.

A sensitive teacher may give general cues or discreetly help students if they need it. It is very discouraging to be called out by name 20 times in a class for doing something “wrong.”

Forcing You to Keep up With A Fast Pace

If the pace of the class is too rapid for you, the teacher should adjust the pace to suit the students.

It should be encouraged and allowed to take a short break between sessions. It would be best if you always were allowed to practice the way you want to.

Stand up for yourself, and protect yourself. Change teachers if you can!

The Teacher’s Poses

Everyone is unique. What you find useful may not be what your neighbor finds helpful, and the same is true for teachers.

Our size, strength, and bone structure are all different. It may be necessary to alter the pose so that it is suitable for you. The teacher should also understand this. Know your limits, and do not hesitate to speak up if you feel that a teacher is pushing you too far.

Find a studio with a good vibe for you. You want to find a place where you can feel comfortable, where you will fit in, and where you will have a teacher whom you trust. If you cover these basic points, you’ll have a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

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