5 Things You Will Learn As A Traveling Yoga Instructor

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Probably one of the most sought-after and over-glamorized professions out there is that of the traveling yoga teacher. Online, it looks easy, effortless, and stunning. Some select elite yoga teachers get the opportunity to travel the world and make a living at it, fine dining, high fashion, and some stretching in between.

The life of a traveling yoga teacher may not be as glamorous as it appears. There’s a lot of work behind the hashtags.

There’s not much play and a lot of work.

Instagram and Facebook might make it look like your favorite teachers live a glamorous, near-celebrity life. But in reality, a weekend of teaching is a lot of work.

Yoga teachers who are on the move have to balance a busy teaching schedule with their normal workload. These weekends are also usually filled with work-related meetings, photoshoots, and collaborations. It would be best if you weren’t envious of that Insta or Snap of someone doing a handstand before the Eiffel Tower. It probably happened in between cab rides.

Be Grateful and Gracious

A studio must work hard to host a teacher from outside. Before the yoga teacher ever steps foot on the ground, it takes a lot of work to coordinate the stay, market the workshop, and fill the workshops.

When you arrive, be grateful. Be gracious. Be gracious. Thank you. Let the studio know that you appreciate and recognize their work.

Allow time for Jetlag, Delays, and Other Delays.

Weather happens, and flights are canceled. Allow a few days between gigs to ensure that you can still get to your destination if anything goes wrong.

Time constraints usually cause stress. Stress can be reduced by allowing more time.

Asana: Don’t be so attached to it

There is less time to do physical yoga on the road. This is a great opportunity to learn about other aspects of yogYogauch, such as Santosha and being present at the moment.

Say Yes!

Don’t hesitate. Open your mind and be excited to explore new places.

Traveling as a yoga instructor has taught me that people have good intentions. Saying yes to more opportunities will lead to them: dinners with friends, speaking engagements—who knows? Say yes!

Last Thoughts

Teaching and traveling are not for everyone. Traveling yoga teachers must also learn how not to be too picky when it comes to sleeping, eating, and going with the flow.

Traveling with dietary restrictions can be very difficult. Establishing or maintaining new relationships can also be difficult. Do you have a family to support? Missing birthdays or first steps is heartbreaking when you live on the road. You’ve just started dating someone amazing? You can’t maintain a relationship when you change time zones every week.

It’s not enough to look beautiful and inspirational on social media. Not everyone will be happy. The greatest lesson I learned from traveling and teaching YogYoga is this.

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