6 Yoga Poses To Help Boost Fertility

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Boosting one’s fertility is not just for women trying to get pregnant. It is beneficial for all women to understand and focus on their reproductive health. A lot of women complain of excessive cramping, bloating, and irregular cycles, and we are often told that this is normal. It is not.

If you are experiencing any discomfort with your period, or if it is irregular, then now is the perfect time to take back your health and power. Here are some poses that can help you boost fertility. They release stress and tension and detoxify your body. They also increase circulation and support your immune system.

Bridge Pose

Begin on your back. Take a moment to center yourself and breathe. Repeating a mantra such as “My reproductive system works the way it should” can help. Once you’re centered, raise your hips to the sky and bring your heels up to your buttocks.

This pose will help you connect to your hips as well as increase the blood flow in your hips and reproductive systems.

Yogini Squat

This squat will bring out your inner Goddess. Focus your attention on your pelvic muscles when you are in this position. Tensing and releasing becomes easier as you get more comfortable. Hold the pelvic floor muscles for a few seconds before releasing. A strong pelvic floor can be beneficial in pregnancy and fertility.

Cat / Cow

Women often contract their abdominal muscles all day, causing alignments to be off. Blood supply can also become restricted. These poses are fluid and fun, allowing you to reconnect with your hips. You can then cultivate an increased awareness of your breath and body in a healthy and fun way.

Butterfly Pose

The Butterfly Pose is a stretch for your hips and groin. This is why you feel more open when you are in this position. This pose is not only a stretch but also a healing one.

Use your breath to visualize any toxins or negative thoughts leaving the area. Visualize healthy blood flow, positive thoughts, or intentions replenishing the area.

Standing Forward Bend

Uttanasana, or Standing Forward bend, stretches the muscles of the lower back. This releases tension from the abdomen and increases blood supply to the reproductive and nervous systems.

Bending forward can be used as a tool for visualization. Imagine all the stress, tension, pain, and negative thoughts you have about your health forming a large ball. Imagine a ball rolling down your spine to your head as you lean down.

Feel the “weight” of your head and shoulders reducing as you imagine that the ball is rolling off your body. Keep your body as comfortable as possible.

Legs up the Wall

Restorative poses have many benefits. They are relaxing, help you release tension from your body, and give you space to let go of stressful thoughts. Legs up the Wall stretch and strengthen tired backs, legs, and neck. This mild inversion helps to balance hormones and increases blood flow around the pelvic area.

You can start by improving your fertility with these yoga poses. You can also use affirmations that are positive, visualizations, and meditation.

Take the time to check on yourself. Take time to practice some fertility-boosting poses if you feel something is off in your sacral region or you have reproductive issues. You’ll instantly get a mood and health boost.

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