8 Yoga Poses For Pregnancy Pain

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Tight hips, achy back, swollen feet, pelvis pain… All you mommies-to-be are not alone. Centuries of women have felt these pregnancy aches and pains.

Use these yoga poses to relieve pregnancy pain as soon as it occurs and to keep it from worsening as you continue to grow.

Warrior II

Use this posture to strengthen the thighs and relieve some of the back weight.

Chair Pose

Keep your feet wide apart in a chair when you’re pregnant, not only to maintain balance but also to allow room for the baby.

The Chair Pose will help strengthen your legs, but if you sit down too low, it can also improve your back. When you’re standing, try to bend your knees slightly to relieve some pressure on your back.

Extended Side Angle

A delicious stretch to relieve back pain, one side at a.

You can use the forearm modification on your thigh even if it’s not something you do often. This will allow you to stretch out your side body rather than build core strength.

Goddess Pose

The Goddess Pose will help you to strengthen your thighs and hips while also allowing you to reach deep into the hips!

This posture will not only relieve pelvic pain but also help you to open your hips in preparation for delivery.

Yoga Squat

This pose softens the pelvic floor and helps reduce back pain.

Sit here for 10-20 breaths, especially when your due date is near (hello, gravity!) ).

Double Pigeon Pose

This is a great alternative to the other Pigeons that are difficult when your baby is growing in utero. Double Pigeon opens both hips, so you’ll get twice as much juice in this variation as you would with any other reclined variations. Your back pain will be reduced if you have more hip opening.

In this position, make sure that your feet are flexed in order to protect your ankles. Also, keep your shins parallel. This is important because you may be more inclined to hyperextend your legs during pregnancy, which can cause damage to your joints. Close the gap between your bottom knee and the ground.


Use the time as a meditation to relieve tension in your mind and soft tissues. You can sit tall and push your knees downward to reach deeper into your hips, legs, and thighs. Or place your hands behind you on the mat and lean forward to open your chest.

You can also bow inwards to quieten yourself.


Stretch out your tired legs with this version.

You can also lean back or sit up straight, depending on how you feel or your comfort level.

Avoid deep twists, which can compress your organs and child. Also, avoid lying on your stomach after the second trimester. Your weight distribution changes daily. To prevent falling in yoga postures, spread your feet out on your mat.

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