Anchor the real

Anchor the real

I just had my first yoga private lesson, and it was very nourishing.  I feel grounded and real, clear and anchored.  I am so grateful to have had this experience.  Since having a baby – and all that that entails – I find that I am mostly doing home practice, and not getting to class so much.  Which is fine and good.  Actually, it’s just really good to have the practice happening, because at other times I have struggled with establishing that habit.  Upward Dog is a no-judgement zone, so no judgement to myself or to others about how much you ‘do’, or do not!  I just appreciate that there is some ease with getting to the mat right now.  Sure, it’s often at midnight by the time I get there, but I still love it.

New zones and directions are opening up in my body.  This movement and space doesn’t always happen either.  Sometimes practice is feeling stuck or limited or challenged.  Sometimes new growth seems sudden.  Hey, I have been seeing this with my little one learning new things, such as crawling.

I am using my Jade Travel Eco Yoga Mat at home, along with cork blocks and my belts.  They are travelling well, I have been using them for about a year.  The rubber cleans really well with a 50-50 mix of apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle, just spray-and-wipe and dry flat in shade or inside.  Which is just as well, because Cash, our Upward Dog dog, also loves mats, and anywhere he has been told to not be.

I just wore my soft Bodha Sabi full length tights to the lesson, which was genius.  As it was a nice restorative sequence I didn’t get too sweaty, but as they are 100% cotton, I don’t get that acrylic sweat sensation anyway.  Ok ok, I am still wearing them while doing some work in a cafe afterwards.  Embrace leggings, I say.  Embrace, embrace.  Let’s move on from ‘tights aren’t pants’ to ‘yes, they are’.  Anything that’s comfortable and adaptable is a winner by me and by my lady-body.  Sure, stiffer clothes are good sometimes, but I love comfy layers, it’s how I roll.  Also, I am finding the fold-over waistband is great as I am different sizes, er, being a Mum.  Sometimes I feel like more of a high waist, and sometimes I feel like folding them down for that snug feeling over the tummy.  All without digging in, which is key.

So a bit of product placement there, people, but I am really just grateful to have some practice in my life, some teaching, and some comfy clothes and a nice mat.  Without toxic production.  Hurrah.


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