Australia Post, ‘disruption’ and interdependence

Australia Post, ‘disruption’ and interdependence

Hello, humans in lockdown.  I am heartened by the renewed interest in yoga home practice, and grateful for the orders for home yoga gear that we have received.

While the demand side of the yoga business has been strong, the supply and logistics flows are kinked with bottlenecks.  We mostly use Australia Post to send our parcels.  They have had a “decade’s worth of disruption” in the last month, with “the number of parcels up 80 percent in the last four weeks”.  Our yoga mats, props and accessories have been caught up in this surge. Australia Post update this page with information on delayed deliveries.

Delays are frustrating for both the sender and the receiver.  I have been lodging enquiries on delayed parcels.  Often Australia Post has deemed a parcel lost in transit, because it was picked up, but hasn’t yet been scanned at the depot.  Many parcels are waiting to be scanned.  These same parcels then end up being delivered a while later, however.

It is frustrating when a tracking status update is unchanged.  I am waiting for stock deliveries which are also delayed, and I shop online, so I watch tracking pages myself.

If you are waiting on a delivery: thank you for your patience.  I would like to drive the deliveries there myself, so that people can use their gear soon!  There have been few planes flying, with freight instead being driven.   That is another factor in the delays.

It is strange to live through a disruption that is not only a tech buzzword, but is in fact sweeping change on every level of the human experience.  No, we don’t know how we will come out of this and how things will function when we do.

I hope we can rebuild with our interdependence in mind.  As a modest e-commerce business owner I am surely grateful for delivery networks – even when they are stretched.  My gratitude goes to all of the delivery drivers and postal workers under stress.

Some new additions to our range aid in stress relief.  Our completed Upward Dog yoga bolsters are perfect for restorative yoga, and Mukti Mats massage balms bring you into sensory focus.  I look forward to our gear reaching people, and I hope it is helpful.


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