Be a Dharma detective: clues to find and follow your soul purpose

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Your path and purpose will become clearer when you connect to the part of yourself that knows all the answers.

Living the life that you were meant to lead will give you a clear vision, confidence in your work, and conviction about what you want to say to the world.

Each of us has this inner voice that guides us. It is the same wisdom as the cosmos, which shows the entire universe. Dharma is the inner wisdom that indicates not only each person but all other living beings on this planet.

The purpose of becoming a dharma detective is to connect to your inner wisdom and allow it to guide you on your journey to peace, presence, and purpose.

Becoming a Dharma Investigator: What are you looking for?

You want to look for clues that will help you find your soul or Atma. This is where your deepest wisdom originates.

We know it exists, but we cannot hear or understand what it is saying. We’re using our minds to try and understand it. The language of the mind is not a good way to understand your soul.

What’s the key to understanding your soul language? The secret to your soul and the universe is energy. You can find the answers by following the energy trail. Your soul is a part of the universal soul.

Follow energy trails.

Positive energy is always connected to your soul’s voice. Even if you are having a miserable day, start noticing the things that bring you joy.

You can get totally lost in the quiet moments you have while sipping your morning coffee, the bliss of playing the piano, or in the beauty of nature.

You’ll begin to notice more of these moments as you become aware of what makes you smile and what makes you feel alive. It’s really that simple. What you put your energy into comes to life.

Don’t hold on to evidence that isn’t logical.

Part 2 of the energy trail is about letting go of things that drain your energy.

Let go of thoughts, beliefs, actions, or people who don’t support your soul’s mission. Let go of people and activities that drain your energy.

This is the most difficult step for many people, as it can bring up all sorts of fears. But it’s essential to find and follow your Dharma.

You can only find what your soul wants when you are willing to let go of the things that don’t serve you. Listen to your soul’s clues.

Synchronicity is a clue.

You can also look for clues in your life by noticing patterns of coincidence. The right person appears to guide you in the next step when the perfect book drops off the bookshelf.

Synchronistic events can be a sign from the universe to let you know that you are on the right path. When you acknowledge those events, you are telling the universe you are paying attention, and you’re on your path.

This is how the whole energy cycle works. The universe will bring you what you want if you follow the energy trail.

Accidents happen

Accidents can be a sign that you need to wake up! It might not just be something that happened – it could also be a wake-up call.

John Donne said it so well: “Never ask for who the bell chimes — the bell chimes for you.” You are always getting a wake-up call.

If you don’t listen to your soul, it will wake you up with a loud bang. Pay attention to accidents or illnesses. They might have a message for you.

Ask questions.

A good detective asks many questions. It’s also a sign of someone seeking spirituality. Ask yourself why you are afraid and where the fear is coming from.

Ask yourself why you might be experiencing a limiting belief or thought. If you are feeling jealousy or unease, dig deeper to find out what is causing it.

Your mind is the source of most doubts and uncertainty. It’s based on past experiences or life experiences. Asking questions such as why, where, and how will help you understand the fear en,vy, or guilt you may be experiencing.

You can find your soul’s purpose and mission in this life by going within and finding your sacred Dharma.

Afterlife, the question that every soul asks is, “Who am I? You will get closer to your answer as you learn all the lessons of life. Each time you get closer to the true Dharma and reveal a bit more of the answer, your journey will become exciting.

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