Want to cultivate calm? Beginner’s guide to curating a daily yoga routine

Creating your own beginner yoga routine

Want to cultivate calm? Beginner’s guide to curating a daily yoga routine

Beginner yoga routine
For all my yoga beginners, getting started is the hardest part, so here’s my best tips to curate your routine…

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Hello friends and supporters of Upward Dog!

My name is Saskia, I am the newest member of this community and fellow yoga beginner. Some of you may have spoken to me recently over email with questions about your order. First and foremost, I am here to help (so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have). Today I want to help you with your beginner

My yoga journey

Recently I have been thinking a lot about my personal journey with yoga, and I can’t help but be jealous of past me (Covid me if you will), as strange as it sounds. For context, I began my daily yoga practise in April 2020 out of pure necessity. 

Waking up every morning I went straight to my yoga mat, and began my daily practise. Whether it was for 50 mins, or 15 mins, that’s how I would start every single day, and it was truly incredible. I’ve actually never felt better than I did then, and this was in the midst of a global pandemic.

Now, April 2021, I am back at work, I have been working multiple jobs, and studying full-time back on campus. Where is my yoga practise? Seriously suffering. How am I feeling? Exhausted and overwhelmed by a number of new commitments.

Starting this job at Upward Dog has been a brilliant reminder to get back to my yoga routine. Why? So I can feel good, strong, content, and cultivate some calm & mindful energy into my life, amidst the craziness and the stress of study and work.

Tips for your daily yoga practise:

If you feel a similar way, or are also fairly new to yoga, I’ve rounded up a few of my best tips and ideas for a beginners guide for starting (and committing to) your daily practise
  1. Cast away the guilt, sometimes life is just too busy. You can’t always make the time to be on the mat, let go of any shame that bubbles to the surface when you feel you’re not doing good enough.
  1. Try and find your personal best time to practise. I always try and convince myself to do yoga first thing when I get out of bed, however as someone who is NOT a morning person, this often fails me. Now instead I try and practise everyday in the early evening, when I am least likely to have prior commitments.
  1. When it’s time to be on the mat, relish in it. Better yet, make this your prime self-care time. For me this is about committing to being 100% present in this time. I also like to clear physical and mental space, which I do by cleaning up my room, lighting a candle, sometimes playing ASMR or light sound healing in the background (ediyasmr on youtube is great). Then I take the time to choose the perfect length of online class for me in the moment (sometimes it’s just 20 minutes but it’s better than nothing).
  1. Mindfully choose your yoga outfit. If I look and feel good in my outfit, and am excited to put it on, I’m so much more likely to feel motivated to practise.
  1. When I’m feeling my most tired or unmotivated I turn to a combination of yoga and meditation, such as Yin Yoga, with less movement and longer holds. This can feel more relaxing than a nap, and is great for evenings.

If you want to find some great new gear to help you with your new yoga routine, check out our yoga kits here

Have questions about which mat is best suited to your practise? Reach out to us below! We are always here to help…

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