Being appropriate

Yoga home practice

Being appropriate

There have been many articles about yoga, and yoga clothes, that I keep meaning to blog about. Here’s one, about whether a yoga class is cultural appropriation.

Of course this is a yes. It’s also about being aware of not being a righteous yoga wanker. Something we are pro towards.

Hey, I have been in arts academia, so I am down with the appropriation criticism.

Yoga is not just for privileged white skinny women. It has a history and cultural context.

This is a reminder for us to reignite one of our original ideas for this business, which was diversity and inclusivity of different people and their bodies.

Well, when I get a moment. Like blogging, having energy available for Upward Dog has been limited by parenting a toddler and doing my PhD revisions. But it’s not about being righteous about the appearance of things, right?

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