Body Pose: Death at the End Of Your Practice

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This pose is also called Mritasana or Death Pose. What a fitting end to a weekend filled with delights and horrors!

This “alter ego,” which isn’t as common in yoga classes but can be used to gain a different perspective when working on this pose, will help you achieve success. It may seem simple, but it is a difficult pose for many to master. This is because it requires a corpse-like calmness in both the body and the mind.

The Benefits of Corpse Pose

Savasana calms the nerves and releases tension. It can also lower blood pressure. Even mild depression can be helped by this pose. It also allows you to recognize and process your grief.

It feels great to sink into this posture at the end and absorb all of the wonderful feelings and sensations that you have experienced during your yoga class. How can you treat yourself to this amazing posture?

How to Pose a Corpse: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Rest your back flat.
  2. As you bring your heels together, let your toes separate. Be aware of the angle your feet make with your middle.
  3. To release your shoulders, rest your arms flat with palms facing upwards on the mat.
  4. From top to bottom, find a balance between your right and left sides.
  5. Imagine that your body is melting like chocolate in the sun. Let go and melt into your mat.
  6. Relax your eyebrows and the space between them.
  7. Remove your tongue from the roof of your mouth.
  8. Relax your jaw muscles by parting your lips.
  9. Rest your shoulder blades on the mat.
  10. As you draw your attention to your collarbones, lengthen or spread them.
  11. Close your eyes gently, relax your eyeballs, and look inward.

You’ve now released your physical body. Now, try the same thing with your mind. Relax the very active muscle in between your ears. Say hello to your thoughts and let them pass without focusing on them.

Contraindications and Tips and Tricks

Pregnancy: Due to the fact that guidelines change often, you should check with your doctor first if you’re able to lay flat on your stomach. Both times I was pregnant, I laid on my side and used a bolster to support my legs.

It allowed my body to relax so that my mind would also be able to do the same. You can also elevate your neck, head, and shoulders using a bolster to avoid lying flat on your back. This is just as safe. You can try both and decide which option feels the best. This will allow you to quiet your mind and connect with your soul.

Back Injury/Surgery If you have recently undergone surgery or if your back is injured, you should consult your doctor about whether lying flat on your back for long periods on a hard surface (studio, hardwood floor) is safe.

One of my teachers believes that using small sandbags to quieten the mind and release the eye muscles is the best way to calm the mind. If you need to give your forehead some extra attention, the sandbag can be placed there. You can also use a sleeping bag or towel if you don’t own a sandbag. Props are there for a good reason. Use them to make the most of your yoga practice.

Sandbags can also be used to release hips. Place one at each side of your thigh just below the hips and parallel to the crease.

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