• Meg is an Australian company that designs cork massage balls, rollers and yoga blocks
  • Previously known as Sure Project, Meg specialises in sustainable recovery
  • In fact, Meg stands for Modern Exercise Goods, as follows:


  • Meg is a modern brand that considers all aspects of production and consumption, using materials that are sustainably sourced and biodegradable or recyclable
  • They set the bar high and encourage other brands to do the same


  • Exercise means anything that gets your blood pumping
  • From walking your dog, to running a marathon, to dancing with your friends
  • Meg products keep you moving and fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and aesthetic


  • Meg goods are good for you and your environment
  • They never create products for the sake of it
  • Meg cork recovery products are good for your body and help release tension in muscle and fascia
  • The Meg cork massage ball and cork roller are highly effective, eco alternatives to plastic massage balls and foam rollers
  • Meg cork yoga blocks to support your practice, sustainably