ZONE is an eco-friendly yoga, lifestyle and wellness brand, founded by Olympic Gold Medalist Lydia Lassila

ZONE's mission is to provide environmentally conscious products for yoga, recovery, mental and physical health and longevity. Yoga is the gift that keeps giving, and ZONE's yoga mats, accessories and wellness range is durable, functional and eco-friendly. Their products are made with sustainable materials, premium quality and a lot of love.  From products to packaging, the ZONE range is plastic free.

ZONE Yoga Mats made with cork and natural rubber, with a minimal design that helps guide your alignment.

ZONE Yoga Blocks are beautiful and innovative, with a clever design to fit your body in a range of poses.

ZONE Massage Balls have a handy two-pack that includes a large and small cork massage ball for recovery and massage.

ZONE Yoga Totes carry your yoga gear in style.

ZONE Essential Oil blends help you inhale freshness with each breath, and pair with the ZONE Yoga Mat and Room Sprays to keep both your mat and your space fragrant.

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