Build Up to Standing Backbend

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Freedom, majestic, wow. These are the words that accompany a photo of a yogi in a Standing Backbend. Reaching toward the ground from where we draw roots, heart open toward all that is ahead. Standing Backbend is a powerful, stunning expression.

Standing Backbend is easy to do with these tips and tools.

Get Grounded

Let’s first look at the components that make up this posture. Legs are firmly rooted in the ground. Standing tall and strong, the feet become energized. The tailbone lowers to protect the lower spine. The abdominal muscles in the front are stretching. The shoulders pull down the back.

The heart and chest are lifted and opened. The neck is lengthened by allowing space between the back of the shoulder and the head.

Warm up your body thoroughly before attempting a Standing Backbend. Then, work towards the pose by strengthening and stretching the parts of the body involved.

Strengthen Legs

Strong legs are the first thing you need for this pose. Asanas that strengthen your quads will make you feel more grounded and help you improve your posture.

Utkatasana, Warrior postures, and balance poses are all useful.

Stretch the quads. Here, lunges, Warrior I, and Hanumanasana splits will be helpful.

Open the Shoulders

Open your shoulders when you are working towards Standing Backbend to get the beautiful open form.

Here are some suggestions: Cow Face Pose (also called Eagle Pose), Bridge Pose (with fingers interlaced), and Eagle Pose (folding forward and interlacing fingers behind the back).

Open the Heart

Also, abdominal and heart openers are beneficial to practice. You can lift your body into the asana by ensuring you have enough flexibility in your front.

Bridge Poses, Camel Poses, Crescent Lunges, Reverse Warriors, and Reverse Triangle are all beneficial.

When working your way up to any peak pose, it is best to break down the movement into segments. Think about what each part of the body is doing in the pose. What is stretching? What is engaging? Then, tailor your practice accordingly. This way, when you finally get to your goal pose, the body will be primed and ready.

They should challenge the mind as well as the body. You can be creative with your sequences and pay attention to the way your body moves. Yoga helps us to discover our true selves in this way.

Do you love practicing Standing Backbend? Please share your tips below on how you can achieve this amazing peak pose!

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