Common Misalignments of Boat Pose and How to Fix Them

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Holding Boat Pose has as much to do with alignment as it does core work. In fact, if you are not aligned sufficiently, you may not be using much core at all! Plus, it can be extremely hard on your neck and hips to hold the pose without the right shoulder and leg set up.

Let’s start by folding your yoga blanket and sitting on it. Here are the steps to correcting the most common Boat Pose misalignments:

Hunched shoulders

In general, your ears and shoulders are not good friends in yoga. It would be best if you slid your shoulders away from your ear to lengthen the neck and relax the trapezius muscles.

This motion will also help you to press your shoulder blades closer together so that you can lift your chest and gain more strength. This is called “Kissing Lovers” by my students because your shoulder blades are trying to kiss each other behind your back.

Arched Neck

To lengthen your neck, tuck your chin into your chest. This will relieve your neck of stress and help it not to ache after practice.

The Curvy Spine

Indeed, we don’t have flatbacks. We are curved creatures with an “S” curve on our spine. It is important to press into the back, which feels flat in Boat Pose. This will support your lumbar area.

You can start by bending your knees to relieve the pressure on your lower back. As you gain strength, you can straighten your legs.

This is the core exercise. Your navel should feel like it can reach back to the bungee cord itself with your spine while your ribs are pressing forward.

Lift your clavicle to the sky and press your shoulders into place. Now, you are using your voluptuous curve to maintain a flat back!

Floppy Legs

Pay attention to your feet when you want to correct your legs. You can use any variation of “yoga toes,” such as the pointed toes or the fanned-out ones, but make sure that you are pressing your feet.

Press your bent or straight knees closer together. Your legs should no longer be floppy, and your hips should be internally rotated to hold your grip.

Your hips and abdomen will be able to support you better if your legs are more active.

You will notice a big difference in your practice if you hold the Boat Pose every time for at least five breaths. Please let us know what you think in the comments!

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