Crow Pose: Its Holistic Benefits

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Bakasana, or Crow Pose, is an arm balance with a wide variety of health benefits. Crow Pose, the variation with bent arms, is considered the stepping stone to Crane Pose, the variation with straight arms.

This freeĀ 30-Day Yoga Challenge will help you get used to balancing on your arms. This free 30-Day Yoga Challenge will guide you through a series of strengthening poses so that when you are ready to perform Crow Pose, you have the confidence to do it.

Here’s an overview of Crow Pose and all of its yummy benefits.


Place your hands on the mat with your middle fingers pointing inwards. To help you lift yourself, keep your feet and hips in a tight ball. You can use the backs of your arms to support your knees. Breathe in, and then lean forward while looking at the top triangle formed by your two hands.

To lift your arms higher, align your elbows with your shoulders and transfer weight evenly. Spread your shoulder blades and knit the ribs. Pull the inner thighs towards each other. Straighten the arms as you lift the feet to the pelvis. Hold for a few seconds while stabilizing your shoulder muscles.

To ensure a smooth landing, you should defy gravity by lifting your core as you lower yourself back to the ground.


If your core becomes tired, rest your shins against the shelf on your upper arms. Bend your elbows to the side, and place your body weight on your arms.

You can use gravity to help you move into your arms by starting with your hips raised higher than normal. A block under the feet can also help to give the body some extra height before taking off. This will make it easier to achieve the desired posture. Blocks placed under the shoulders will also help to balance the body as the arms build strength.

Avoid bending your elbows and turning inwards. This may seem to be a good way to ease into the posture and get traction, but it can cause shoulder and wrist injuries.

Avoid this position if you are pregnant, suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, or have an injury to the wrists, shoulders, or hands.

Mental Benefits

Crow Pose looks more difficult than it actually is. This arm balance challenges you to concentrate on lifting rather than falling. As you are supporting your body weight with your hands, it is important to overcome the fear of falling. Crow Pose helps to improve body awareness and the mind-body link while in the air.

You are waiting for freedom in the breezes in the sky. But my darling, what if you can fly? ~Erin Hanson

The perfect balance is to hold on while letting go. Crow Pose encourages you to embrace your fears and fly.

Physical Benefits

Crow Pose is a great full-body workout. It strengthens your upper back and legs while also working your core and arm muscles. It is easier to use your legs to push against your arms, but you will get more benefits from using your core.

It can be fun, in the long run, to switch from Crow to Handstand and then back to Crow.

I am now strong because I was weak. I am no longer afraid because I was once scared. I am a wise person because I was foolish. ~Unknown

Crow Pose tones abdominal organs and opens the groin. This pose helps stretch the upper back and decrease acidity and heartburn. It also increases flexibility and elasticity in the spine.

Spiritual Benefits

Crow Pose helps you to focus on the present and stay focused. This pose represents justice and is long-lasting. This pose strengthens the sacral or second chakra.

Sacral chakra: Our connection, ability to accept new experiences and others. ~Aileena Cavali

Crow Pose helps us to connect with our emotions and creative energy.

What are the benefits you have experienced by practicing Crow Pose? Please share them below!

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