Crow Pose Misalignments (and how to fix them)

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While Crow Pose (Kakasana) is an arm balance that may look “easy” compared to a one-handed handstand push-up, it is actually extremely challenging. Crow Pose takes strength, patience, and a daringness to fly.

You’ll need strength to reach crow, so a daily practice of yoga will help! This free 30-Day Yoga Challenge enables you to improve your alignment and build strength.

Continue reading to learn how to correct some of the common Crow Pose misalignments.

Unevenly distributed weight

Uneven weight distribution: When hips are raised too high and almost vertical to the top, the weight is unbalanced. This increases your chances of falling face-first onto the mat. It also puts more pressure on the wrists.

Injuries to the muscles and joints can be caused by carrying too much weight on your wrists. Uneven weight distribution can make the body seem heavier and harder to lift as the arms compensate.

Fix By activating the intercostal muscles and the back muscles, you can lift and hold up your legs. Spreading your fingers and firmly securing the knuckles up to the fingertips will distribute the weight evenly across the palms.

The angle between the wrists and the floor can be reduced by sending the hips forward, keeping the elbows directly above the wrists (forearms parallel to the ground), and lowering the hips.

Elbows out

Misalignment Outward-pointing elbows may cause joint pain, as they can put stress on the joints and increase wrist weight. It is important to keep your elbows pointing towards the ribcage when performing Chaturanga.

Fix: Use Chaturanga as a foundation for Crow Pose. Elbows are placed directly over the wrists, bending backward so that the creases are facing forward.

Shoulder Shrug

Shoulder tension is common. In Crow Pose, the shoulders move up towards the ears, which can cause shoulder injuries.

Fix: Roll the shoulders along the spine, then reach forward with the sternum and open the collarbones to create a Crow Pose.

The Feet Are Forgotten

Misalignment It’s a great feeling to lift your feet. Once the feet are up, it is easy to forget that you need to continue raising them. The feet can be misaligned by letting them dangle and then getting heavier until they fall back down to the mat.

Fix. Lift the feet towards the butt while squeezing together the big toes. As you lower your toes, use the back muscles and spine to drop them onto the mat slowly. Then, allow the weight to return to the feet. The more core strength is required, the quieter and slower you make the transition.

Unsure Drishti (Gaze)

Misalignment The gaze is shifted backward, which is good for forward rolls but not so great for Crow Pose. Or, the gaze can be straight down on the mat, increasing the risk of injury to the muscles and joints.

Fix: Look forward, approximately 3 feet behind the hands. Place a pillow in front of your hands, fall, and get back up.

Enjoy your flight! Do you have any tips for Crow Pose alignment or fixes? Please share them below!

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