Early Morning Yoga Benefits

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I’m not a morning person, let alone an early morning one. If I don’t have a particularly appealing reason for getting up earlier than necessary, I really won’t. So don’t ask me to go for a jog; it’s just too hard for me.

It takes me a little effort to perform a gentle sequence of yoga when I wake up. You may need a few days before you feel the benefits. Tested and proven!

According to my own experience and what I’ve heard from students, these are the 5 top benefits of morning yoga. It doesn’t need to be very early. Just start your day at the time that you normally do!

You’ll be more focused on your day ahead.

Start your awakening by clearing your head with a brief meditation. Then, you can focus on some simple one-leg poses (e.g., standing tall with one knee raised to the chest or in a tree pose), and you will be forced to focus.

It will forcefully wake you up and make your brain more focused on the next task of the day.

You’ll have more energy.

By default, moving your body results in cell movement and oxygenation. Your body is reenergized when your cells replenish the oxygen flowing through and between them. This is a scientifically proven process.

Some people jump on a bouncer for 30-60 seconds every morning. Others may lack space at home and choose a gentle series of Sun Salutations to begin their morning practice. The “Sun Salutation,” right?!

Bring your arms, legs, and head to places they would not normally be. This is an energetic way to start the day. You will feel lighter, more active, and fresher immediately!

You will reduce your stress levels.

You will feel relaxed because you are less stressed and have a better focus for the day. You won’t worry about the big meeting with your boss, and you will know what to do to end another successful day. Your stress levels will decrease, and you will be able to face the day with a positive attitude.

You Can Eat More!

Exercise can help you lose weight. Foodies will appreciate this tip. Spending 20-30 mins every morning doing Downward Dogs (or Planks) and Warrior 2s can boost your metabolism and improve digestion. Those extra calories will disappear before you know it.

You can indulge in a dessert now and again without feeling guilty. Be mindful, and do not exaggerate. Your body is yours: take care of it as you deserve!

You Tone up

You will not only be able to enjoy some extra calories, but you will also notice that your body is changing (for the better). Your arms will become more defined, your spine will become stronger, and your legs in skinny jeans will appear even longer. I can’t guarantee that you will drop four sizes in a month. But give yourself some time, and you will see the changes.

You don’t need to drive or walk to your favorite yoga studio at 6 am to do morning yoga! All of this can be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home. You will need:

A yoga mat is a great option (or a rug will do).

A device that is connected to the Internet and can play a simple video of yoga for you.

You can also find below a simple morning routine you can use every day.

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