Easy and doable yoga poses for frequent travelers

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A lot of people have to travel on a daily basis, whether it’s’ for vacation and leisure or business. While there are many mental and emotional benefits to traveling, it can also take its toll and cause physical and psychological fatigue, especially for long-haul flights. Due to minimal physical activity onboard, the joints and muscles feel stiff, and the blood flow suffers.

Yoga poses can help travelers recover from fatigue and prepare for the next leg of their journey. These yoga poses are simple to perform, don’t require any props or minimal ones, and allow the body to recover quickly from fatigue. These are my top yoga poses for frequent travelers.

Standing Forward Bend

This pose will stretch the lower back and hamstrings, allowing for better blood flow to your brain. It also eases headaches that many travelers experience. If the stretch is too intense, you can also reach out and bend your legs a bit by reaching for the floor. This pose should be held for 30 seconds or more. For a more detailed how-to, click here.

Standing Back Bend

This pose can help you immediately if you are feeling tired after a long trip. It also opens up the hips, shoulders, and chest. You can do this pose by placing your hands on the lower back and slowly bending backward. As you return to your normal position, take four or five deep breaths and continue to look up at the ceiling. You can do this pose even if you are onboard.

Leg and Hip Movement

This exercise allows you to open up your hips and glutes while also reducing the pressure on the knees. Bring the thigh of one leg as close to your body as you can. Take 3-5 deep breaths while keeping your spine straight. Repeat the same motion with your other leg, and repeat it on both sides five times.

Chair Pose

This pose helps to counteract the effects of sitting in a seatbelt all day. It will improve circulation and bring back movement in your glutes and arms. Learn how to do the Chair Pose by following this step-by-step guide.

Tree Pose

This pose is great for those who commute long distances every day. It helps to stretch the back and improve stability and balance. This is a very simple pose that can be performed anywhere and anytime. You can either raise your hands toward the ceiling or place them in a prayer position in front of your chest.

You can do this pose near a wall if you don’t feel confident that you will be able to support yourself. If you cannot place your foot above or on the opposite knee, then lower it to the shin/calf. Don’t put your foot on the other knee. Don’t worry about learning more about how you can practice safely.

You can do these yoga poses while traveling, and they will help you to reduce any pain or discomfort. It would be best if you also did some stretching and exercises both before and after long flights (try the yoga poses) so that you stay healthy in mind and body during your journey.

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