Escape Within

Escape Within

I am finding it hard to move feelings of frustration and grumpiness today.  Many of the ways that I self-soothe involve being alone, and when I have both kids, a working partner and an anxious dog at home – plus business course work and work-work to do, I find it hard to find my centre.  When my eldest kid was 2 I escaped  – it wasn’t ideal, but it was after a very hard period.  It did the trick with finishing off the night-weaning.  My current 2 year old just screams and I find the prospect of weaning him overwhelming.

So I will attempt to do yoga now while he is watching Fireman Sam.  I have, after all, committed to blogging and yoga every day.  I thought I would blog the ‘before yoga’ bit to demonstrate the very real human frustrations that I have, that are a part of the practice.

Here we go:)

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