How do I care for my yoga mat?

To best care for your Rubber mats:

Manduka eKO SuperLite, Manduka eKO, Mukti Align, Mukti Grounded, Mukti Flow.

  • Lay the mat out flat when it arrives
  • After a while, flip it over to straighten out the curved ends
  • When it gets sweaty or marked, simply spray with a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water and wipe with a damp cloth
  • To make the spray: mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle
  • We also sell Manduka natural rubber mat wash sprays.
  • Don’t use other cleaning products or essential oils because they can clog the surface of your mat and make it slick
  • Dry the mat flat out of direct sunlight
  • Spray and wipe after each practice for the best life for your mat
  • Travel mats: unfold and roll up when not travelling as leaving them folded can crease them.

To look after your Manduka PROs:

  • Follow the instructions on the label for breaking in with sea salt.
  • Repeat this as needed.
  • Spray with Manduka Botanical Disinfecting Cleaner. This plant-based solution disinfects and requires no rinsing or wiping after use.
  • Leave to dry before rolling.
  • Store horizontally out of direct sunlight.