What are the mats made from?

Manduka eKO, eKOlite, eKO SuperLite:

Many rubber eco-friendly yoga mats are spongy and have an open-cell surface. This is from the process that natural tree rubber goes through. Because they are open-cell, the durability of the mat is compromised and most rubber eco-friendly yoga mats break down fairly quickly, especially when exposed to humidity and/or sunlight.

To solve these problems, Manduka have created the eKO mat with dual layers. Each of the layers having unique properties to provide superior durability and the ultimate combination of cushion and grip. The top layer is sealed-cell and imprinted with a slip resistant pattern, making it more durable than typical rubber mats, and also very grippy. The bottom layer of the eKOlite and eKO is thick and spongy to provide comfort and cushion on any surface.

Manduka eKO mats are made from natural, non-Amazon forested tree rubber. Unlike typical rubber eco-friendly mats available today, no toxic chemicals have gone into the manufacturing process to make the rubber spongy. If an eKO mat is disposed of and biodegrades, no toxic residue remains.

Manduka PROS are made from eco certified PVC.  In general, PVC is not environmentally friendly, as it seeps toxins into landfills and toxins are often released during the manufacturing process. However, Manduka PRO mats are free of toxins (specifically phthalates) and the PRO manufacturing process is certified emissions free. Additionally, OEKO-TEX, a European association for textile industries, certifies that Manduka PRO mats are safe and free of harmful substances.  Eco-responsibility starts by reducing consumption. Durability drastically reduces the amount of yoga mats bought and thrown out into landfills.

Mukti Grounded mats are made from open-cell, biodegradable, non-Amazon harvested natural tree rubber. Grounded mats also have jute woven through one side. There are no toxic plasticisers, PVC, or foaming agents used.

Cork yoga mats

Yoga Design Lab Cork Mats are made of sustainable cork and rubber. The great thing about antimicrobial cork is that it’s super easy to clean. Premium quality for the most rigorous studio conditions or at home.

Another great cork mat is the Zone yoga mat. This mat also features antimicrobial cork. The materials are biodegradable natural cork and rubber with water-based inks.