Manduka PRO® Series mats.

Use the salt wipe method (also detailed on the label): 1. Unroll your mat on a flat surface. 2. Sprinkle surface generously with coarse salt. 3. Let sit for 24 hours. 4. Remove salt with damp cloth. 5. Practice for a lifetime. 6. Repeat as needed. Manduka also say: “Much like a baseball glove, there is a break-in period for all PRO® Series mats. The more the mat is used, the softer and grippier the material becomes! The break-in period varies from mat to mat since it is a textile and also because each yogi’s practice varies quite a bit. Typically, it takes about three months of daily practice and a bit of slipping during that time so that the friction of feet and hands break in the mat”.
Please let us know if you think your PRO® mat has a fault, and send us a photo to We contact Manduka about the fault.  If they approve, we send you a replacement. See the conditions of their lifetime guarantee here.