Five Benefits of Inverting

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Flipping our world upside-down can cause a wide range of emotions, from excitement to fear. It is not surprising that some people are nervous about the idea of flipping their world upside down, while others can’t wait to play with their hands.

Downward Facing Dog, for example, requires more strength to perform than some inversions like the handstand. Inverting has some incredible benefits, which make it worth your attention to flip upside down. Here are five amazing benefits to inverting.

Reduced Stress and Increased Brain Activity

Inverting increases blood flow to the heart, brain and lungs by using gravity. The abdominal organs pressuring the diaphragm promotes deeper breathing, increasing the amount of CO2 leaving the body.

This increased oxygen availability in the brain promotes mental clarity. Oxygen also enhances memory and concentration. Inversions that heat up the body, such as Handstand or Headstand, can also energize and motivate.

Inversions that are cooling, such as Shoulderstand or Legs Up The Wall, help to calm the nervous and relax the body. Inversions help to regulate brain chemistry and hormones, which helps stabilize moods and reduce signs and symptoms associated with depression and anxiety.

It strengthens the body and builds confidence and resilience

Inversions require immense mental and physical strength.

Holding a headstand even for a few seconds will initially tire the mind and body. With practice, it becomes easier and more enjoyable to hold a headstand. Inversions increase overall strength. Inverting is also good for the spine because it reduces the pressure on the discs and decompresses vertebral columns.

Moreover, even when the inversion is particularly difficult at first, constant practice and willingness of trying and ultimately succeeding builds confidence. Resilience is built by learning to fall and trying again.

Promoting healthy skin and fighting illness

A rich blood supply to the head increases not only the inner workings of the brain, but also the oxygen available to the face and the head. Fresh nutrients are delivered to the facial capillaries, hair follicles and scalp for healthy skin and hair.

Flipping the body upside down also helps the lymphatic network, a system of vessels that is part of the circulatory system and immune system. This system is vital to maintaining optimum health. Inverting allows lymph, which is a mixture of white blood cell and other cleansing agents, to travel more easily and efficiently through the respiratory tract.

The reversed blood flow in the visceral and legs helps in tissue regeneration.

Connects the Crown Chakra

The Crown chakra, the seventh chakra or energy center in the body, is where the path of liberation ends and the path of manifestation begins. The crown chakra is at the top of the head, and it goes beyond the limits of the ego.

It is also associated with devotion, trust and positive energy. Inverting the crown brings it closer to the Earth and encourages concentration and intention towards this powerful chakra. Inverting is a powerful spiritual practice that connects mind, body and soul. It also fosters connection with the crown chakra.

Encourages change and creativity

Inverting the image changes the position in which things are seen and taken as given. Inverting something invites creativity and a new perspective. Inversions can be a great place to experiment and play. Inversions change the way blood flows and how the brain works, opening up new possibilities.

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