Fresh Manduka Colour

Fresh Manduka Colour

When we say the best ethical and eco moving gear, we mean it.  Manduka is the industry leader in mats and props designed specifically for yoga, and they strive to reduce their environmental footprint.  We love offering their products in Australia and knowing that we are selling quality, durable and very colourful goods.  Speaking of, a new Manduka order has arrived and features some spanking new colours.

We got several new colours in the popular eKO SuperLite mats, including Golden, a buttery yellow, and Veradero, a turquoise.  The Veradero is also available in the eQua Hold Mat Towel if you want to be matchy-matchy and very grippy-grippy.  The 5mm thick Manduka eKO mats are also now available in a good range of colours, including La Raine which features an awesome turquoise palette with a watery, painterly print.  I just changed my screensaver to be turqoise because I am loving the freshness these colours inspire!  The Black Mat PRO is back in stock if you want the supreme, legendary yoga mat that is guaranteed for life.  If you are a beginner yogi, we also now have the WelcOMe mat in stock in two reversible styles, which is well cushioned, at an entry level price, and designed to support beginners (and kids!) We have expanded our range of blocks and now offer Manduka Cork Blocks and their Lean Cork Blocks for travel.

Questions, feedback, and requests about products are welcome at anytime! I have also updated the FAQs  and Compare Mats pages with info about mat materials, mat care and more to help with choosing your mat.  Ok, now I am going to do me that home practice!

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