Has Yoga Gotten Too Expensive?

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The mat. The cute pants. The strappy top. The water bottle. The props. And the price of all these extras doesn’t even come close to how much a membership, a package, or even just a single class can sometimes cost at a yoga studio. Sometimes, the cost can be prohibitive and create an exclusive world that can seem impenetrable…has the cost of yoga risen too high? Is it keeping people out?

According to the DOYOU global yoga survey, which received responses from several thousand people around the globe, the high cost of yoga keeps some people away. Still, yogis are finding ways to get around it.

It is encouraging to see that 90% of respondents spend under $50 per month on clothing, accessories, and props. There is, however, a gender disparity, with women paying more for these items than men.

Why do women spend more on yoga?

This is likely due to the pressure women feel in order to keep up with the latest athletic fashion trends and look “good.” It’s important to remember that when you get caught up in that world and feel overwhelmed, to breathe, center yourself, and remind yourself that it isn’t about how you look but about how you Feel.

Don’t worry about keeping up with trendy yoga practitioners. You don’t have to wear the latest leggings or use the most expensive mat. No matter what you use or wear, your practice is still valid.

Do You Spend More than $50 per Month on Yoga?

Around 25% of men and women spend over $50 per month on yoga courses, retreats, and events. $50 might not seem much, but for people who are just starting yoga, it can be a significant amount.

There are ways to overcome this problem, even though it can be a challenge for some. There are a few community-centered yoga institutions, like Yoga To The People, whose classes are donation-based–people give what they can, as they can, and that means that the community collectively sponsors those who can’t pay much or at all. The community can support those who cannot afford to pay much or at all.

Home Practice is an Alternative to Studios

Working from home is a solution that has become more and more popular. Almost half of the respondents to the DOYOU survey practiced yoga from home at least part of the time. Many of them did so by following content they found on platforms such as YouTube.

It’s a wonderful example of how yoga has become more accessible! The downside is that people who practice yoga at home can’t feel their classmates’ physical presence. However, many people choose to learn and practice yoga at home for convenience, privacy, and, surprise, surprise, because it’s kinder on the wallet.

This research has several important takeaways. Yoga can indeed be expensive, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Spend your money on things you value. We should always look for ways to make yoga more accessible and open to all. Price shouldn’t be an issue for anyone.

Yoga can be practiced in a variety of ways, including from home. All of us practice yoga in our way. The most important thing to remember is that we all have different styles.

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