Hold on, We’re Going Om with Namasdrake, LA’s Drake Themed Vinyasa Class

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Love yoga AND hip-hop? Now you can enjoy both with Namasdrake, the hip-hop-themed yoga class that lets you move your ass-ana to the sounds of Drake.

The hour-long Vinyasa Flow Class is taught at the Residents in Los Angeles by Paul Schneider, a yoga instructor, and T.J. Petracca.

Why Drake out of all hip-hop artists?

Schneider told the LA Times that although Drake is known for being sensitive and emotional, he can also come up with “really difficult hip-hop songs,” something that echoes yin-yang in yoga.

Credit: Barbara Davidson/Los Angeles Times

Agatha French, from the LA Times, tried out the class. She shares details about it.

The intensity of the strength-based Vinyasa flows builds along with the music.

After class, you can enjoy “Namasdrinks” in the venue’s Beer Garden.

Tickets are $23 for a single Bring Your Own Mat (BYOM) event. This is only available to yogis over 21.

Paul Schneider teaches while T.J. Petracca is the DJ.

Savasana is a great way to relax and cool down after practicing the piano version of HOTLINE Bling.

Music and yoga are not a new trend. There are Reggae Yoga classes in Vancouver and Madonna or 80s music-themed Voga and Vogue Yoga classes both in the UK and NYC. Black Yoga is for doom-metal fans.

The duo behind Namasdrake now offers Namaste yoga classes based on — you guessed it — Kanye West’s music.

We can all agree, whether you prefer to practice yoga with or without music, that by making it more accessible for people with different backgrounds and preferences, we are also spreading the love of yoga…right?

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