Holding myself

Holding myself

Lockdown in Melbourne resumes tonight.  One week of school holidays extended.  Possible resumption of remote learning after that.

I am currently doing a course for the business well as parenting, housework, managing this business and looking after the family and myself.  So, yes, this is a lot.  Many people are enduring much harder circumstances.  I have also had harder times and gotten through them – extreme chronic pain and horrible symptoms, for years.

So, as a part of writing about my purpose, the business, and the impending locked-down state I am holding myself to blogging and practicing yoga every day.

I hold myself back from both.  Writing more so.  But it has become clear that let everything knock around my head without release is unhelpful, and that my purpose includes blogging about all of it.  All of the realities of being alive right now – and practicing yoga with it all.  And questioning where we are going as a species and what I can do about it.  And feeling into embodiment with these questions.

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