How do you find stability in standing balance poses?

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Tree, Eagle, Warrior Three, Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe, Lord of the Dance, Half Moon, and Bird of Paradise pose are just a few of many standing balance poses that challenge our focus, stability, and strength. This class of poses demands our undivided attention and awareness. Still, it offers an array of amazing benefits, including reducing anxiety, building strength in the legs, hips, and core, promoting concentration, and encouraging a sense of calm.

You may feel like you have to use all your concentration in order to maintain a balance while standing. Here are nine key tips and actions that will help you achieve stability in a standing balance pose.

You can also press down on the corners of your foot.

Press down on all four corners of the feet to strengthen your foundation. It also helps you to maintain your balance by evenly distributing the weight.

Spread your toes.

By spreading your toes, you increase the area of your foot and improve your stability.

Pull your kneecap up to engage your quadriceps.

This action activates your quadriceps, which helps you to support your body weight better. This action will also prevent your knees from locking if you tend to overextend them.

To activate your core, pull the navel toward the spine.

Draw your belly button towards your spine to maintain your center.

Use your arms

Have you ever wondered why tightrope walkers sometimes hold their hands out to the side? This can have the effect of lowering your center of gravity and distributing the weight evenly to improve balance.

Find a vantage point.

The brain needs to receive visual input to maintain body balance. This is why finding a fixed gaze point can help to reduce visual distractions while gaining equilibrium.

Visualize your pose.

It is helpful to visualize the pose so that your brain can “know” the movements needed to achieve and maintain the pose.


We often hold our breath when we are concentrating really hard. By breathing evenly and steadily; we can encourage our mental stability to balance more easily.

Use a wall.

Consistently practicing the poses is the best way to build the muscles that will help us maintain our balance. You can use your hand or back against the wall to support yourself as you practice the pose.

It can be not easy to find balance, but enjoy the journey. You can shake off any wobbly feeling and fall over by trying again. What other techniques do you use to achieve stability in balance poses while standing?

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