How to Build a Sequence Around Locust Pose

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Locust Pose requires a warm, supple spine and frontal plane. After any back-bending sequence, you must release the spine with some gentle twists.

This short flow will help you to open up your body in this pose.

Cat-Cow Pose

Take a position on a tabletop and play Cat-Cow repeatedly to warm and loosen your spine.

Hold the Plank position for five breaths and lean forward. (You can use your knees).

Sphinx Pose

 Lower slowly to the floor for Sphinx Pose. Hold for three breaths and then rest for one breath. Repeat three times.

Child’s Pose

You can also do the same thing by sliding back to Childs Pose. Walk your hands to the right and then to the left.

Downward Dog

Curl forward into plank, then slowly lower yourself to your mat.


Half locust: With your arms at your sides, push into the ground. Squeeze your thighs and lift them in one piece. Hold for three breaths, then rest for one breath. Repeat this three times.


Slide to Child’s Pose, and then come up to Downward Facing Dog. Stretch out. Then, walk your hands backward to your mat in a Ragdoll pose or an engaged forward folding.

Mountain Pose

Keep the knees soft, and then uncurl them to stand in Mountain Pose. Bring your hands up to your chest and gently twist to the left, then right.


As you descend, slowly uncurl into the plank and then return to Downward Dog. Hold the Locust Pose for three breaths, then take a rest. Repeat three times.

After this, just rest on your belly, rocking your hips side to side to release the back bends, then slide back to Child’s Pose to lengthen out.

Take Thread The Needle for five breaths on each side. You can end in a Child’s Pose with your arms extended.

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