How to do Reclining Hero Pose

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Reclining Hero Pose offers a wonderful opportunity for rest in your yoga flow, as well as a chance to try something new or dive deeper into your practice. Being quite an advanced pose, it requires preparation and counter poses to be practiced safely and avoid injury.

Although it’s important to continue developing your yoga practice, Reclining Hero Pose should be practiced by intermediate and advanced students. Students should first master Hero Pose, the upright version, before moving on to the reclined variant.

Listen to your body. It is the best teacher. If you feel any discomfort or pain, gently exit the pose. Take a moment in Child’s Pose to rest before continuing.

It’s now time to relax. Let’s dive right in to explore a whole new level of your practice.


This is the runner’s pose! The Reclining Hero Pose is heaven for your large and tight quads. This pose will give your feet a sensation that can improve your arches.

The reclined Hero pose has many benefits for people with insomnia, digestive problems, and high blood pressure.

How to do Reclining Hero Pose

Begin in Hero Pose. Your sitz bones should be placed on the floor between your legs, your knees together, and your shins flat against the earth. Sit straight with your spine and inhale deeply as you extend through the crown.

Put your hands just behind your legs. While reclining your torso, walk your hands forward until your elbows or forearms rest on the ground. If you choose to remain here, this will be your fullest extension of the pose. Stay here for 3 to 5 breaths. Keep your heart and core reaching upwards.

Continue by placing your palms on your lower back. As you lower your body, use them to support it. The mat should be able to help your neck, shoulders, and head. It is okay if your knees are slightly raised off the floor or spread apart. However, they should always be in line with your hips.

Take a deep breath and let go of any tension in your hips or thighs.

Keep your tailbone tucked in. Knit your ribs to prevent them from spreading out or popping up. Spread your collarbones and reach your heart up to the skies.

It may be more comfortable to lift your arms all the way up or place them beside your body.

Stay here for 3 to 5 breaths. Draw your palms down to your lower back to exit the pose. You can use your core and elbows to help you lift your upper body back into Hero Pose.

Tips and Modifications

Props are your best friend when you do the Reclining Hero Pose. If you can’t comfortably rest your neck, upper back, and head on the floor, try using a blanket or a bolster. Place the blanket or bolster under your torso and roll it longways.

Bound Angle Pose or Lotus Pose will satisfy your cravings to counter Reclining Hero Pose.

The Reclining Hero Pose may be just what you need to bring a new level of challenge and experience to your practice. This pose may not make you feel like Hercules or even the Hulk, but it will certainly make you feel like a hero, ready to master your practice.

Next time you step onto the mat, I encourage you to try out this pose. Share your thoughts and tips about how you felt afterward!

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