How to Do Summer if You Are a Yogi

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The summer is here, and every yogi must ask themselves: How can I live my yoga off and on the mat this season? You might be surprised by the answer.

We often forget that yoga can help us live better.

Yoga’s Greatest Gift: What To Do With It

Yoga teaches us how to cultivate awareness, live life with intention, and inspire action.

These simple ideas can be used as a guide, and with a bit of Ayurvedic knowledge as a base, we will have everything we need to get through each moment, each season, healthily and authentically.

Ayurveda tells us that seasons matter because what happens outside us also occurs inside us. If you want to shine as a summer yogi, then start by focusing on awareness.

We must embrace the summer season by embracing everything it brings, from the weather to the food to how it makes us feel.

How can we make the most of everything we love or hate about this season?

The only thing that remains is for you to act! This might look like:

Tuning in

The summer can be a very busy time of year. We can feel the heat both inside and outside if we are not careful. This includes inflammation, skin problems, anger, irritation, and digestive issues.

To stay balanced, you need to be aware of your tendency to overdo or push yourself. Take a moment to reflect on how the external weather is affecting your internal climate. Then, ask yourself: What can you do?

Cool Down

You can balance the mental and physical intensity by finding as many ways to keep cool as you can. It’s as easy as thinking “I am cool!”

Use breathing to cool yourself down (Sheetal pranayama and Chandra bandana “left nostril breathing”), but make sure you don’t overdo it! You can cool yourself down by using your breath. (Sheetali Pranayama and Chandra Bhedana, “left nostril respiration”)

Eat This Not That

Reduce your intake of alcohol and caffeine. Break away from processed food and enjoy the sweet, juicy fruits and vegetables that nature provides at this time of year. Melon, grapes, and sweet berries, as well as stone fruits like plums and apricots, are all great options. Leafy greens are a great option for the summer. They also contain sprouts and root veggies.

You may want to put down your hot sauce and reduce your intake of chilis, especially if your body is feeling the heat. You’ll want to…

Follow the Energy

Harmonize your daily routine with the natural cycles. Avoid losing your temper by getting up earlier and staying busy early in the morning. Save the afternoon for more relaxed, routine, and less intense activities.

Avoid staying up late, especially if you live in a place where the sun sets late. Try to go to bed before 10 pm. When it’s time for you to get on your mat…

Practice Earth and Water

Earth is solid and stable, and water is fluid and tranquil. Try to embody the qualities of earth and water in your summertime practice.

Standing poses can cultivate stability, ease, and the perfect amount of stillness.

Consider making a shift in your practice to achieve a balance that will offset the intensity of this season and nourish everything else going on in your life.

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