How to Do the Revolved Triangle Poses

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Revolved Triangle Pose, an advanced variation of Triangle Pose, is a fun way to add a bit of variety to your standing series and an excellent challenge as your practice progresses.


The Revolved Triangle Pose is similar to the Triangle Pose in that it stretches and strengthens your legs and hips. It is a twist that wrings out internal organs and stimulates digestion. It also detoxifies the body. It opens your chest and challenges you to maintain balance.

Step by Step

Take a large step back from Tadasana. Turn your left foot in slightly and point your front toes directly forward.

Align your heels. If you draw a line starting from your front heel, the line will meet your back heel. To keep your kneecap safe and aligned, make sure that your front kneecap is in line with the second toe.

Reach out in opposite directions and extend your arms parallel to the mat.

Your hips should be aligned with the corners of your mat. Send your left hip forward and tuck in your right hip.

Continue to rotate your torso right while your left arm moves forward and your right arm is pushed back. Rest your left hand on a block inside your right ankle. You can reach for a mat instead of a block if you feel open.

If you can, reach high in the sky and turn your gaze upwards.

There are many restrictions, tips, tricks, and other things to consider.

Due to the closed twist, expectant yogis are advised to avoid this pose until the baby arrives.

Anyone with chronic back pain or who has recently been injured should also avoid this pose.

When you are experiencing low blood pressure, it is important to descend slowly towards the mat and exit with care.

If this is a brand new pose for your practice, adjust your stance. To make it easier to align the hips, try taking a smaller stance or bringing your back foot to the edge of the mat.

Sometimes, the final glance toward the sky can cause a little tension in the neck. Look down at your foot.

If you begin to hyperextend, micro-bend your front knee.

Find a point where you can focus your gaze to reduce the wobbles.

Spread your weight evenly on both feet by firmly pressing down the heel of the back foot.

Warm up with Sun Salutations, Warrior I, or Warrior II. Uttanasana is also a good choice.

It is an excellent warm-up pose that can be used to lead into Revolved Half Moon or as part of a twist practice that focuses on detoxification. It can be used as a counter-pose to the traditional Triangle.

Enjoy yourself, and if you happen to fall out, get back in.

This is one of our favorite revolved versions of traditional poses. What are your favorite detoxifying revolved poses?

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