How to Do Tolasana or Scale Pose

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Tolasana, or scale pose, is a seated lifted arm balance that is often practiced in Ashtanga yoga. Basically, Tolasana is a lifted Lotus pose.

To achieve this pose, you must first be able to get into full Lotus. You can also take a cross-legged position if you are not yet able to reach the full Lotus. This variation can be a little tricky as it requires a lot more hip flexor power.

Please note: Do not try lasagna if you suffer from knee pain or neck or shoulder problems.


This pose is great for strengthening your core and learning how to use bandhas. This pose will require a lot of bandhas! Tolasana involves the use of mula and uddiyana bandhas.

As you prepare for the lasagna, make sure your hips are ready and open to La otus. Navasana, Crow, and other hip-flexor exercises will warm up your abs and hips. Warm up your shoulders and core by doing vinyasas or longer plank poses.

How to Do It

Tolasana can be done in a few simple steps: Start by doing the lotus pose. Then, place your hands on the floor and lift yourself.

Let’s take a closer look:

Sit down on your mat.

Cross-legged or Lotus pose is a great way to start your day.

Place your hands on the mat near the hips. Spread your fingers out and face the wrist creases forward.

Exhale and spread your shoulder blades apart, trying to expand the upper trapezius muscles.

Lift the front legs by engaging the mula bandha.

Use uddiyana Bandha by squeezing your lower abs up and in.

Lift yourself and inhale deeply as you lift yourself. Slowly exhale once more.

Hold for 3 to 5 breaths, then release.

Tips and Modifications

To achieve the perfect Scale Pose or Tolasana, you must open your hips to a full lotus. All the seated positions in the Primary Series will help. Pigeon pose, Fire Log Pose, and Compass Pose will also prepare your hips for Lotus.

Feeling as if you can’t lift yourself off the floor? This is not uncommon. It can feel like your arms are too long or that you have a heavy butt. If you persevere, it will come.

If you are still having trouble with Tolasana, try placing your hands on the blocks. This will increase the lift of your body and give you more leverage.

This asana, like most yoga poses, requires patience and thoughtfulness. Others’ bodies fold easily into Lotus, while some people don’t. Some people have naturally long arms, which makes lifting easier. Tolasana is a great yoga pose for all levels of strength and anatomy.

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