How to live your life at 4000 Watts

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While I was leading yoga teacher training last week, I was browsing through my notes and came across one of my favorite metaphors presented by one of my teachers, Dinabandhu Sarley.

Yoga practitioners can increase their brightness from 40 to 4000 Watts. Isn’t it amazing?

Dimming Your Light

We all have unlimited potential, but many of us make choices every day that dim our lights. Constant worry, greed for the best, thinking of yourself as unworthy, excessive alcohol consumption, drama created by oneself, lack of movement, drugs, and a lack of fresh air and sunshine are just a few of the many things that can dim your light.

All of these habits that are detrimental to our health have a negative impact on our nervous system. The NS is composed of your spinal cord, brain, and nerve ends and acts as a vast network of communication.

It depends on our lifestyle whether we are able to transmit messages and energy efficiently or stagnantly. The NS is less able to perform its duties at maximum capacity if it has all of the above habits.

Yoga and the Nervous System

Yoga is not just on the mat.

We work the spine in a variety of directions, including flexion/extension and lateral side bends.

The breath stimulates all our internal systems through the deep massage created by the diaphragm. It also provides inner vitality.

Mentally, this practice encourages us to track our attention better and engage our focus in order to make more conscious decisions, such as choosing the sweet potato over the white sugar. All of these nutrients nourish the spinal cord, brain, and nerve endings, which gives the system a greater potential.

The best part is that we can use these elements of breath, body, and mental awareness anywhere, including in our daily thoughts, conversations, and decisions.

What is your current wattage? What are the habits that drain your energy and limit you in some way?

It’s time to make a change.

Replace the light bulb. Imagine the effects of going from 40 to 4000 Watts.

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