How to Practice Yoga Daily When You Have A Toddler At Home

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I was home on maternity leave, and I started to get a little bit bored. I decided to enroll in an online degree program when my son was about six weeks old. Little did I know that with each passing day, he would do exactly what babies are supposed to do: he’d grow up.

When he turned two, and I was in my graduate program, those days of watching him happily sleep on his mat or lay there for hours had gone. He wanted to play and move like any toddler. How can you squeeze in your practice when it’s hard to find the time to go to the bathroom alone?

Let’s begin by believing it is possible with a bit of creativity and elbow grease. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Get out of the House

You can probably relate to needing some time to yourself, whether you work inside or outside the home. You can find time to practice yoga by leaving the house. Let your partner know that you plan to practice yoga every day. Look into local yoga studios or gyms.

Early risers can be a great way to start the day.

I was never a morning person, but with a little practice over the years, I have become one. The first few days are going to be difficult. Once you get over the first hurdle, getting up earlier will become easier.

If your child gets up at 7 am, you can rise at 6 am to practice. If you persist, I promise that you will come to value that peaceful hour and realize the advantages of waking early.

You’re assuming that by getting up early, you will be responsible at night and go to bed at an appropriate time. Refrain from watching Netflix until midnight. Turn off the lights no later than 10:00 pm.

Kid Swap

My son’s best friend was a toddler when he lived with his mother down the street. We became good friends and would swap our kids to have some time alone. We did not have to pay for a babysitter, and we knew the children were safe and happy right across the street.

Speak to other parents on the playground, at your locality, or in your child’s childcare. It is said that it takes a village for a child to grow up. Ask if anyone is interested in trading kids every few weeks. Use that time for your daily practice of yoga instead of cleaning the house. You will be a happy and centered parent when your child returns home.

Prioritize Your Time

One of the greatest challenges to the daily practice of yoga is having a child at home. It’s easy to sit in a chair while your child sleeps or naps and stare at the screen. Don’t! At least, at first.

It’s okay to catch up on your favorite shows or social media, but you should be deliberate about it. Make your practice a priority. Make it easy on yourself when you lay your toddler down to nap or fall asleep. Your yoga mat can be rolled out, and your yoga clothes are worn. Start your practice by heading straight to your carpet.

Time management and life skills include learning to prioritize.

Be flexible (Pun intended)

You decide that the best time for you to practice each morning is between 7 and 8 am. Now that you have a toddler, this is prime parenting time. Should you completely give up your practice? No!

It’s crucial to be flexible when you have a child in your home. They are likely going through a stage of development where they are asserting their independence. You might do 15 five-minute yoga sessions instead of an hour-long practice. You might choose to have a calm, soothing evening practice instead of an energetic morning practice. Let it be. It is important to take a few minutes each day to move, breathe and be.

It can be difficult for yogis to maintain a daily practice, but for parents of toddlers, it is even more challenging. You’ll have a better chance of maintaining and even expanding your daily yoga practice if you follow these steps.

Always let ahimsa, the yogic philosophy that promotes non-harm, lead. Don’t berate yourself if you miss a practice day. You are doing an excellent job. You’re doing a great job. Give yourself a big hug and start again tomorrow. Yoga is there for us whenever we are ready.

What are the ways you have maintained your practice after becoming a parent? How do you keep your yoga practice with a toddler at home?

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