Inhaling a fresh year

Inhaling a fresh year

Yes, ‘New Year’ is a time of starting practice.  Renewing practice.  Returning to the new-ness of each moment.  Noticing the fresh quality of each inhalation.

New Year is also more life, more change, more challenge.

A big hello and hooray to all who are beginning their practice.  I am no expert, I drink deeply of humble tea – but here is what I have found yoga to be:

Observing the body in order for change to come.  Observing the mind in order for change to come.  Observing the energy as it refreshes.  Working with pain and restriction to return again and again to a pattern and at some unknown time – a door chocks open and a new way is there.  Learning how to love the parts of the body that I habitually think of as ‘fat’.  Learning to breathe space into and around residual, non-verbal judgements about my body and myself.  Learning to breathe space into and around judgements about how far my practice has come, or not.  Learning to breathe space in and around judgements about having to ‘re-set’ practice after pregnancy, birth, and challenging medical conditions.  Learning to do the simplest practice.  Staying there, and staying there, and, it’s hard, staying there.

Bliss pockets.

Embodied proof every time that observing and allowing helps ease anger and stress.

Peaceful love for teachers and practitioners.


Of course, you might be here because you are looking for yoga gear.  We strive to ensure that all that we sell is ethical and eco to continue good vibes through our business.

The Manduka Welcome Mat will soon be re-named the Manduka Begin Mat.  It is a name change only.  It is still a great beginner’s mat, with lovely cushion and an alignment stripe that helps you as you learn to find your way into yoga shapes.  We also have it available in a kit with one or two blocks and a strap, which is a good bundle of gear for your practice.

I am primarily soaking up Yoga With Adriene’s video for my home practice.  So much love, so much beauty, so many gems.  Sometimes my practice has been very strongly ‘Iyengar” and sometimes I release that, because it truly is all yoga.

Namaste x

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