Locust Pose Exercises That You Should Try

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Locust pose is a backbend that has many benefits. It also comes in countless variations. Yoga teachers, strength coaches, and physical therapists all love this pose because it is a safe and effective way to strengthen your core and back muscles.

The pose can be used to activate deep core muscles, target the back muscles, or move cross-laterally.

Want to try some? Try one or all three. Rest in a child’s pose¬†after you are done.

Reverse Sit-ups for Your Back

Lay on your back with your legs straight behind you and your top feet on the ground. Bend your elbows out to the side and place your hands under your forehead.

Spread your toes and reach backward through your inner foot, activating and anchoring your legs to the ground. Inhale while keeping your hands and your forehead together. Lift your chest and head off the floor. Exhale to lower your body back down.

Repeat for ten rounds. Press the tops of your feet into the floor as you raise and lower your torso. Relax your outer legs.

The Heel Lift for your Butts and Thighs

Start by stacking your hands under your forehead. Place the inner edge of your big toes close together, bend both knees and flex your legs with your heels slightly separated.

As you inhale this time, lift your knees and press your bottoms toward the sky. Repeat steps 8-10, lifting your head and chest on the inhale while lowering your knees and forehead to the mat.

Stay lifted and pump your heels up and down for five counts.

Superman Alternating for Your Inner Core

Superman and Locust Pose are both great cross-lateral exercises.

Then, with your hands positioned side by side, push your pinkie fingers down on the floor. Lift your face and chest away from the ground and draw back your arms. Reach back and activate your legs by reaching through the inner thighs.

Inhale and press your foot down to lift your right leg and arm. Exhale, and lower both your left and right leg and arm back down.

As you inhale, lift your left leg and arm, then press down on the opposite hand and feet.

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