Nurture Your Sisters: The Importance Of Sisterhood

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The truth is, I work a lot. I travel to fulfill my dharma to teach peace and inspire happiness. I’m in different time zones and often lack reliable WiFi or have low bandwidth. I can’t afford an international cell phone plan, just cheap SIM cards for local calls.

Even when I am not off-grid, I meditate by myself a lot, so I still live in another realm (in a way). I am also an introvert who is posing as an extrovert. This requires me to have time alone in order to recharge. I’m so busy in my role as healer and teacher that I forget about taking time out to connect.

As I grow older, what has changed is that sisterhood is more important than ever.

The Importance Sisterhood

Truth: For most of my adult life, I have been married or in a relationship with a monogamous partner. Another truth? Women will outlast men in my lifetime.

When we meet, I will call you my sister. I will write and talk to you as a sister. We are united by our sisterhood so that we can all serve each other in our family and do our very best at work. We are not in competition for anything or anyone. Everyone wins!

A pinky promise still holds for me; a commitment is a commitment. The Invisible Red Tent, where we have supported each other and survived for centuries, still exists. It is because I believe sisterhood is an important bond that should be kept. Here are seven tips on how to nurture your sisters.

Get rid of the negative people in your life.

Women who are trying to hold you down or compete with you should be removed. Also, women who are jealous of you should be eliminated. It is important to protect your near-field energy. Keep an eye out for those who raise your vibration.

Patience is the ability to pick up where you left off.

True sisters do not judge you based on your lifestyle. They will always strive to be the best sister, no matter how busy you are.

You do not have to conform.

I was kicked out of sisterhoods because I wouldn’t say I liked to edit myself to the sameness to fit in. It’s going to be okay. They did me a favor. This group of women is not your tribe if they don’t accept your true self.


Find and listen to the wise women who are older than you. Do you really help other women as a young woman? Who are your role models? Who is watching you? Would you like to live the same life as your daughter?

Cheer loudly for women who you admire.

Show your gratitude to the woman who has inspired you. Do not hesitate to share with the world what amazing women they are. Raise your hands in support of one woman, and together, we will all be stronger.

Allow others to be your “fangirls.”

It would be best if you got over your discomfort when other women praise you. Do not try to negate or invalidate the compliments that other women have for you. We can heal the disconnect from the sacred feminine by demonstrating positive examples of women who support other women. We need to teach our daughters, nieces, and little sisters.

Join us!

As a child, I can recall all the reasons my mother would gather her female tribe. Some of these activities include quilting, playing cards, and canning. We still have to plan book clubs, vision boards, scrapbooking parties, and more.

Another truth: My mother has been without my dad for 20 years after his sudden death at the age of 59. She has maintained a high quality of life with her sister’s friends, who are there for her in the best and worst moments.

How many women did you help in the past 12 months or even yesterday? Make this year the time to make sisterhood important once again. We need to unite for the world.

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