Only yoga teachers will understand these 13 problems

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Being a yoga teacher is exciting, fun, and deeply rewarding. It is not, however, always a relaxing experience. Our students come to yoga to unwind and build their practice, and sometimes, there’s a lot of pressure on us teachers to provide that space for them.

Here are some issues that only fellow yoga teachers can understand.

It’s difficult to pronounce Chaturanga Dandasana.

Because, let’s face it, Sanskrit is tricky.

A student points out that you forgot the sequence on the right.

The general public doesn’t like to hear about chakras and anatomy all day.

You forget, when it comes to anatomy, that many people do not know what a sacrum is. That’s why you get strange looks if you use this term outside of the yoga studio.

You have your yoga playlist all ready, but you accidentally turn on Shuffle.

Your entire plan can be thrown out when you ask your students what they would like to do.

You’ll be looked at as if you have three heads when you tell someone that you are a yoga instructor.

You are caught by a student eating a heap of greasy french fries after class.

We cannot be perfect at all times!

You yell at other drivers in traffic while you’re driving to work.

You tell them to remain calm and mindful “even if you are stuck in traffic.”

You realize that you forgot your essential oils when you arrived at class.

It’s a Savasana with no hands.

Yoga pants aren’t allowed everywhere.

It would be best if you were prepared to give your students any cure they may need.

It’s flattering to be thought of as having all the answers.

You are right to respond, “just do whatever feels right,” because this is the only answer.

We know, of course, that we have the best job on the planet!

What other “problems” do you yoga teachers experience? What other “problems” do yoga teachers face? Comment below and share your experiences!

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