Yoga Accessories

Find beautiful natural yoga accessories at Upward Dog, Australia’s home of eco yoga.

Yoga accessories are the helpful extras that bring you fresh aroma, tension release, prompting your nervous system to calm down and your muscles and fascia to recover sustainably.  They are great gifts for a yogi you love – or to give to yourself!

Lay back with an eye pillow

We stock eye pillows, our own and from the beloved Mukti Mats.  Eye pillows contain calming lavender and a subtle weight that spreads over your eyes.  Use them for relaxation, massage, or when practicing savasana (corpse pose, at the end of class) or pranayama (yogic breathing).  They are a great gift for anyone that could benefit from some calm time.

Love and clean your mat and your space

We love the fresh aroma of natural yoga mat sprays, mist sprays and essential oils.  We stock yoga mat sprays to clean all kinds of yoga mats, from Zone, Bondi Wash and Manduka. If you have a natural rubber mat, we have the spray for you.  Likewise if you are looking for an economic refill that reduces plastic use.

Sustainable recovery with cork

Cork massage balls are good little friends to have.  Get roll-y with a cork roller to compress and release tension in your muscle and fascia.  Bundle up all the cork goodness with a cork mobility kit.  Great for recovery and self-massage anywhere.  You may want to continue the massage love with some hand-crafted Mukti Massage Balm.

The best reusable water bottle

We continue our love affair with top Australian eco brands by stocking Frank Green Reusable Water Bottles.  These top-rated bottles now have a ceramic inner layer to give the aroma and flavour benefits of drinking from a ceramic vessel.  A perfect gift to be used on and off the mat.

Ideas, requests, or questions about our lovely extras?