Buy Cork Massage Balls at Upward Dog, Australia’s home of eco yoga.

These are a brilliant, sustainable version of a handy little massage tool.  They are portable, light, and from a renewable resource. They contain no toxic glues or plastic foam, just bark from the cork oak tree, which is easily replenished.

Use them on yourself or give the gift of self-care!

They really get into stubborn, hard to reach knots in muscle and fascia, and are a fantastic recovery tool after any form of exercise or repetitive movements, such as using a computer.

We stock cork balls from Zone, Meg and Mukti, which are all Australian companies.

We have bulk discounts – great for teachers and studios

  • Order 5 – 9 and get 15% off with the code teach15
  • Order 10+ and get 20% off with the code teach20