Eye pillows

Buy eye pillows online at Upward Dog, Australia’s home of eco yoga.

What is an eye pillow?

Eye pillows are a small pillow, loosely filled so that the weight spreads

They are usually filled with linseed or buckwheat for weight and lavender for fragrance

How do I use an eye pillow?

Drape over your closed eyes as you lie back and release into your savasana (corpse pose) or pranayama (yogic breathing) practice

The weight and calming fragrance prompts you to draw your senses within

Great for relaxing at bedtime or when receiving a massage

Be warned – kids have been known to pinch them!

Upward Dog Eye Pillows

Contain pesticide free lavender and linseed, with organic, ethically produced linen covers

Printed by Australian women artists in unique designs

Mukti Restore Organic Eye Pillows

Use organic lavender, linseed and cotton

Come in three solid colours, with a cotton carrier bag to keep them in perfect condition

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