Buy eye pillows online at Upward Dog, Australia’s home of eco yoga.

What is an eye pillow?

  • These handy yoga accessories are a small pillow that is usually filled with linseed or buckwheat and lavender

How do I use one?

  • Drape over your closed eyes as you lie back and release into your savasana (corpse pose) or pranayama (yogic breathing) practice
  • The weight will gently spread over your eye area, and the calming fragrance will help you to draw your senses within
  • They are great to use when winding down at night, or during massage
  • Be warned – kids have been known to pinch them!

Upward Dog Eye Pillows

  • Contain pesticide free lavender and linseed, with organic, ethically produced linen covers
  • Printed by Australian women artists in unique designs

Mukti Restore Organic Eye Pillows

  • Use organic lavender, linseed and cotton
  • Come in three solid colours, with a cotton carrier bag to keep them in perfect condition