Manduka eKO Kits

Conveniently bundle eco yoga gear from Manduka and get your base sorted.

We have created yoga kit by adding one or two yoga blocks and a yoga strap to each Manduka eKO Series mat, so that you can enjoy a natural practice everywhere from home to on the road.

You get one (or two) Manduka cork yoga blocks, a Manduka Align yoga strap with either a Manduka eKO® (5mm thick), a Manduka eKO® – Extra Long (5mm thick) a Manduka eKO®lite (4mm thick) or a Manduka eKO® SuperLite (2mm thick).

Manduka eKO Series mats are the most durable natural rubber mats on the market, with no toxic glues, dyes, phthalates or plasticisers, making them a fantastic sustainable choice.  Team your preferred mat with a durable natural cork block and secure-locking belt from the leading yoga company.

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