Manduka PRO® Kits

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Buy a yoga kit online that includes a Manduka PRO® Series mat. Bundle one or two Manduka cork blocks and an Align strap together with one of the Manduka PRO® Series mats:

The Manduka PRO®: the original, supreme yoga mat with a lifetime guarantee.  6mm thick.

Manduka PRO® – Extra Long: the same legendary support, cushion and longevity, with extra length.  6mm thick.

Manduka PRO®lite: a lighter version of the PRO.  A good compromise – still a supportive, superior mat, but easier to take with you.  4mm thick.

Manduka PRO®lite – Extra Long: the PROlite with some extra length.

The newest addition to the family, the Manduka PRO®travel: an ultra light, foldable version of the PRO technology.  2.5mm thick.

Hooray!  These kits are now available again – on pre-order.  Get your order in to claim yours.  The expected dispatch date is the beginning to the middle of August.

If you are looking for a kit earlier than that, the Mukti Grounded Yoga Kit will be ready for dispatch at the beginning of July.

(We also have bolsters, eye pillows, cork massage balls and massage balm available).