Yoga Mats


Buy a beautiful yoga mat online at Upward Dog, Australia’s home of eco yoga.  Whether you are looking for your first mat, a professional mat that will last a lifetime, or a gift, we have your mat.  We stock the most beautiful, durable and supportive yoga mats.

Where do I start?

  • Browse by cork, rubber, hot yoga or travel categories.
  • Or – check out our yoga mats grouped by brand.
  • See the availability when you select a mat on the product page.

Maybe you already know you want the Manduka PRO:

  • As official Australian Manduka stockists, we know some people just go straight for the legendary 6mm PRO mat and have a yoga base for life!

Heard good things about the Mukti Grounded?

  • 4mm thick and made of natural rubber and jute, the Mukti Grounded is a unique eco mat from a beloved Australian company.

You really want a thick yoga mat to support your joints?

  • The Manduka eKO is 5mm thick and feels great under your knees and wrists.


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