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What are yoga props?

Yoga props are supportive objects that help you as you reach, bend, and stretch your body into yoga poses (or asana). The sensory feedback provided from the touch of yoga props helps you to refine your alignment, sense what your body needs, and remind you where to release tension, anchor, or extend.

They are a great tool for beginner and intermediate students as they can help create the sensation of the full pose, while meeting you where you are.  At the same time, they can still be useful for advanced practitioners as a somatic reminder and prompt.

B.K.S Iyengar was particularly influential in developing the use of props (or supports) for yoga practice, and the fundamental design of many props draws on his work.

Go eco with your yoga supports:

Upward Dog collects the best eco yoga blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets and wheels. We choose only those props with high quality construction, durability and beauty.

To meet our sustainability criteria, we do not stock any plastic foam props (EVA).  Join us in moving on from plastic foam and embrace the sturdy and renewable qualities of cork yoga blocks.

Which prop should I get first?

Yoga blocks are a great prop to start with, as you can use them to effectively bring the floor closer to you as you fold forward in standing forward bends.  You can also use them to sit on as you practice seated poses.

We stock cork yoga blocks from the Australian companies Meg, Mukti and Zone.  The Zone blocks have an octagonal shape that is ergonomic.  We also stock the very sturdy Manduka cork yoga blocks and Manduka lean cork yoga blocks for travel.

What next?

Yoga straps are fantastically helpful in forward bends, as you can loop them around your feet and pull back to create traction to safely stretch your hamstrings, while also keeping an uplifted torso.  This is particularly helpful for beginners and those whose hamstrings feel tight.

The yoga straps that we sell are durable and non-slip, which helps to remove distractions.  We stock the Manduka Align Yoga Strap with a secure interlocking buckle, and the long version for tall people.  We also stock the Yoga Design Lab Yoga Strap with a mandala print, that is made from recycled polyester.

Kit it up:

You can bundle yoga blocks and a strap together with a mat in our yoga kits, bundled up to kick off your yoga practice with good supports to explore your poses.  Yoga kits are the cheapest way to buy these products together, and most qualify for free standard shipping in Australia.

Blanket support:

The yoga blankets that we sell are made of 100% recycled fibres and are another versatile support that can be folded or rolled in many ways to support many different poses. The Iyengar method also teaches the use of three, four or five blankets to support shoulder stand (sarvangasana).  Yoga blankets can also be used rolled under the knees to ease a tight lower back in savasana (corpse pose, relaxation) and underneath the spine in pranayama practice (yogic breathing).

Bolster me:

We have also developed our own Upward Dog Yoga Bolsters, covered with unique Australian prints on eco linen, perfect for restorative and yin yoga.  Bolsters are also very versatile props and can be used under the pelvis in legs up the wall (viparita karani), or to drape the torso onto in a restful child’s pose.

Wee – wheels!

Yoga wheels are newer props in the yoga universe.  Play with using a yoga wheel to reach towards in seated forward bends, as a guide to keep arms aligned when over your head, and as a gentle yet expansive way to ease into back bends. We stock yoga wheels from Yoga Design Lab with an outer surface that features their mandala design in either cork or night.

Questions about yoga props?


Annalise Friend

Director, Upward Dog