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Yoga Straps

Using yoga straps

  • Straps (or belts) help you reach, lift, find traction and alignment at all stages of your practice
  • We stock standard length straps (2.4m) and longer ones  for tall people (3m)

Manduka Align Straps

  • made of sturdy cotton and have a proprietary non-slip buckle
  • come in 2.4m and 3m lengths

Create Flow Release Straps

  • From Australian business Mukti Mats, who are rebranding to Create Flow
  • Made of organic cotton dyed with non-toxic dyes (2.4m length)

Yoga Design Lab Mandala Straps

  • made of printed recycled polyester (2.4m length)

Questions about using a strap, or wondering which one to get?