Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks, also known as yoga bricks, support you firmly as you develop your flexibility, alignment and range of motion. They’re wonderful modifiers when you’re not quite ready for a full pose.  You can use them to create support at three different heights to meet you at the right spot on a certain day – genius! 💡

Try the adjustable support of blocks in the following poses: Triangle / Half moon / Monkey / Bridge / or Squat.

We love cork blocks!  At Upward Dog we only stock cork blocks from the leading suppliers.  Cork blocks are sturdy, firm, smooth and non-slip.  Cork is easy to grip even when you are sweaty – say goodbye to your hands squeaking and slipping on plastic foam.  These blocks are 100% biodegradable and made from a renewable resource. Cork is also naturally anti-microbial and impermeable to liquid.

We pack the blocks that we send in eco-conscious packaging that is kind to the Earth and plastic free. We use bio-degradable and recycled kraft paper to keep unnecessary packaging to an absolute minimum. 🌳

We stock the following cork blocks: