Yoga Bolsters

What are yoga bolsters?

  • Yoga bolsters are wonderfully versatile props to support you in many poses
  • They are especially lovely to use in restorative poses and when practicing pranayama (yogic breathing)
  • They are great to put under your knees when lying on your back in savasana (relaxation) if you have a tight lower back

We have tried various bolsters and the weight, firmness and materials used just weren’t hitting the spot.  We don’t like to feel that the bolster won’t support us, but we also don’t want it to have too much heft.  We don’t sell any microfibre products so that ruled out bolsters with microfibre covers.

So, we have sourced cylindrical (round) bolsters that are filled with organic cotton.  We then found gorgeous eco-linen fabric printed with designs inspired by the Australian environment and made up some removable covers.

The weight of these yoga bolsters is right in that sweet spot: they aren’t a brick to drag around, yet your body feels supported, unlike some lighter bolsters.   It is the perfect restorative yoga bolster.  You can yield, and release.  Ahhh.

F E A T U R E S:

  • 72 x 23 x 23 cm; 1kg.
  • Free of polyester and microfibre.
  • Linen cover is hand-printed with non-toxic inks.
  • Unique prints by Australian women artists.
  • Removable cover for cleaning.
  • The perfect firmness for a yin yoga bolster.
  • These bolsters support women’s small businesses in Australia.

Questions about using yoga bolsters?

  • Ask away – we love to be bolstered and bolster others.